Wayuu Knitted Handmade Shoulder Bag -(Fiesta Night)

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Ideal everyday shoulder bag. 100%Handmade knitted with pattern. With pull String for added security Ideal for going away on holiday,traveling,camping,going to concerts or football matches. Versatile design Light weight and easy to carry. Washable by hand only Not suitable for Washing machine or dryer. Shoulder bag available as shown on the main picture of this listing,light cream with pattern and mixed colours. Ideal gift and versatile handmade shoulder bag Keeping the tradition alive and supporting the local Wayuu community The Wayuu Tribu of native indigenous habitants of La Guajira,situated in North Colombia,South America. Authentic handmade mochila bags,shoulder and cross body bags.These are hand knitted using woven coloured materials outsource locally. We support local communities and keeping the traditions alive from generations to generations. Our Story, Chica Bonita I am a native citizen of the area,I was born ,grew up ,raised there in La Guajira, and I have a close relationship with our Wayuu Tribe. I remember watching the bags being knitted and wore by the locals, and by my grandmother,mother,aunties , my sisters and now myself,and because of it, I have developed an interest and appreciation for the local handcrafted mochila bags. These bags are made with 100% commitment,and most importantly are helping to keep the local Wayuu Tribe traditions and culture alive. Every time I wear a mochila bag and I gain a complement from others,and immediately the next question raised is where do I buy one from? From us Chica Bonita. Chica Bonita:outsources the mochila bag from selection of the woven material,to the design, to the delivery to your door. We supply our mochila bag with a tag and a branded bag. It is ideal for a gift.