Attends Lady Night Pad for Bladder Weakness Pack of 30

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Attends Lady Night Pad is precisely designed for bladder weakness, providing extra protection for women who have moderate to heavy urinary incontinence overnight. The anatomically shaped core ensures a close, comfortable fit, and the wider back ensures optimal protection. This pack of 30 is ideal for long-term use.

Lady Night Pads pack of 30 Attends Lady Night Pad 6 is an anatomically shaped pad for overnight use which is wider at the back for extra protection. It is designed for those who experience moderate to heavy urinary incontinence. It has a special design to give you peace of mind for a good night's rest. The wider back helps prevent leaks whilst lying down. The highly absorbent core helps quickly lock away liquid, to keep your skin dry and healthy. Wider at the back for extra protection. Helps you stay dry, secure and confident at night. For moderate to heavy urinary incontinence. 100% Breathable for all-round air comfort.