Euron ID Expert Form Plus Size 2 Shaped Incontinence Pads (Anti Leak Cuffs) (21)Formerly Euron Flex Extra

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iD Expert Form Shaped Pads (formerly Euron Flex Extra). iD Expert Form are anatomically shaped pads offering an ideal solution for managing moderate to heavy incontinence in mobile or semi-mobile patients,and loose stools in mobile or semi-mobile patients. These products provide high levels of absorption, making the user feel dry and comfortable.For use fixation pants. Features & Benefits These products feature wetness indicator lines to guide the carer or individual as to when they need to be changed. They feature a Cotton Feel backsheet. They are designed for use with fixation pants or close fitting underwear. ¥ Wetness indicator ¥ Anti leakage protection ¥ 500 Ð 625mls ¥ Cotton feel ¥ Odour control ¥ Fast Absorption ¥ No latex ¥ Dermatologically tested

  • suitable for moderate to heavy incontinence.
  • Wetness indicator.
  • Anti leakage protection.
  • Urinary output of up to 625mls.
  • Can be used for doubly incontinent clients.