Euron Id Expert Light Extra (Formerly Euron Micro Extra Plus) Incontinence Pads (Anti Leak Cuffs) -(28 Pack)

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(Formerly Euron Micro Extra Plus) Euron iD expert light extra pads are suitable for use with a wide range of types and levels of incontinence. With a large range of absorbencies and sizes available, the products offer both comfort and discretion. Latex-free and dermatologically tested, thereby minimizing skin irritations, and providing users and carers with an efficient range of solutions to continence management. Correct fitting is essential to get the best performance from the product and ideally these pads should be used in conjunction with ID Expert Fix pants but also can be used with your own underwear. Technically advanced, ID Expert Form shaped pads feature a white textile backsheet with wetness indicator, anti-leak cuffs to minimise the risk of side leakage and a multi layer absorption core incorporating super absorbent polymer designed for fast absorption and dryness. A coloured strip denotes product absorbency and assists with day-to-day product selection.

  • Designed for the management of stress or light incontinence
  • Features a white Cotton Feel textile back sheet increasing comfort and discretion
  • Pads are to be worn with ID Expert Fix (previously named Euron) net pants (not included) or your own underwear
  • Dual-Wetness Indicators are used to identify when the pad is ready to be changed
  • 28 pads per pack