Janitorial Trolley

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wipe clean plastics; supports hygiene control best practise sturdy, wide base; improves safety for user. Ideal for janitorial use in offices, hotels,nurseries, care homes and hospitals, it has been designed to offer a high quality mobile station and store. The cleaning trolley features a hard-wearing refuse basket made of a nylon polymer, with a large 90 litre capacity, which means less time emptying during cleaning. The basket has a strong plastic frame around the top opening to ensure that refuse ends up inside, rather than spilling out onto floors and other surfaces, and is easy to remove and replace. Integrated into the trolley frame are a number of extra hooks that allow additional refuse sacks to be attached when needed. Made of a heavy duty plastic, the frame surface is easy to wipe down with antibacterial spray, which allows for improved hygiene and infection control. The frame also has in-built handle supports that ensure that mop and broom handles do not move when the cleaning cart is being wheeled around, which helps to improve safe transit for both trolley and cleaner through corridors. Two multi-use shelves, with a deep lip, help to store smaller cleaning items such as J cloths, dustpan and brushes and trigger sprays, safely. The middle shelf can be adjusted to offer greater versatility, while the lowest platform is wide enough to cope with buckets, and provides a sturdy base. For easy steering and maneuverability the trolley has two large solid rubber wheels at the rear, whilemulti-directional castors at the front ensure that turning corners is a breeze, even when the trolley is fully laden.