Lille Healthcare Suprem Fit Maxi Medium - Single Pad

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The Lille Supreme Fit, Medium (80-120cm) is designed to meet the needs of heavy to severe urinary and/or faecal incontinence. The Maxi absorbency level of this product is 3370ml. The unique positioning of the absorbent mat allows the wearer to achieve a neat fit, while concentrating fluid absorbency and retention where most needed. When you order this product you will receive a single pad with 1 order of Lille Supreme Fit, Medium (80-120cm) with a Maxi absorbency level of 3370ml.

About this item
  • This product is zero rated for VAT for personal use only. If you are a trade buyer please contact us for details.
  • Non woven top layer- provides a stay dry barrier
  • Anti-leak protection materials
  • Elasticated waist for extra comfort or high absorbent layer for diffusion and stay dry feel.
  • Absorbency: Maxi 3370ml