Rota Stand Foldable-Patient Handling Transfer Aid

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3.1 User Instructions for adjustments 3.1 Adjust the Rotastand Compact to suit the patient 3.1.1 The Shin pad has 3 height settings, LOW, MIDDLE and HIGH, providing an overall adjustment of80mm in 40mm steps. 3.1.2 The Rotastand Compact is supplied with the shin pad set to the middle height 3.1.3 To change the height, remove the 2 fixing screws and fit using the offset holes in the shin pad. 3.1.4 Note the shin pad may need to be rotated half a turn to obtain the desired height 3.1.5 The handle has been set to its lowest position during assembly. 3.1.6 There are 17 possible positions for the handle with an adjustment discrimination of 25mm. 3.1.7 To raise the handle height, rotate the handle clamp wheel 2 turns anticlockwise and pull the handlerelease knob. 3.1.8 Raise the handle to the required height and release the handle latch knob. 3.1.9 Move the handle up or down a little untill the handle latch knob returns to its original position andretains the position of the handle. 3.1.10 Tighten the handle clamp wheel.3.1.11 The Rotastand Compact is now ready for use. User instructions for use; 3.2.2 The Rotastand...Compact has been designed to allow staff to transfer a patient/client from oneseated position to another. Before a transfer can take place staff should satisfy themselves through an appropriate risk assessment that the patient/client is able to bear weight independently3.2.3 Before every use of the Rotastand...Compact ensure that both the handle and shin pad aresecure and that the equipment is in no way damaged.3.2.4 Before using your Rotastand...Compact adjust the height of the handlebar and the shin pad to suitthe patient/client as described in 3.1 above. 3.2.5 Ensure that the SOLO stabilising bar is fully retracted.