Synergy Health 3 Packs of 100 Conti Soft Large Dry Patient Cleansing Wipes

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Our large Conti Soft large patient cleansing wipes are designed to be as good as a flannel at washing, yet as convenient as a disposable single-use wipe. Best used with gentle creams or water. Its soft textile feel makes it ideal for applying creams and washes to skin, and it is suitable for general purpose cleaning to continence care, making these wipes ideal for care and nursing homes.

Brand Synergy
Item form Wipes
Skin type Sensitive
Use for Face
Unit count 300 count

About this item

  • Idea choice for patient care and everyday skin cleansing
  • Soft and absorbent
  • Suitable for fragile and sensitive skin
  • Durable and improve hygiene
  • Available in a range of cost-effective pack sizes