Tena Slip Plus Cotton Feel-all-in-one-Incontinence Pads-Small Size(Anti leaks Cuffs) x 30

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TENA Slip offers all-in-one protection for moderate needs. A comfortable design, soft materials and shaping elastic ensure high leakage security. Leakage barriers for extra security TENA Slip has high-performance leakage barriers for added protection, whether the individual is standing, sitting or lying down. Odour Neutralizer for freshness and dignity The Odour Neutralizer reduces the effect of ammonia odour, giving a feeling of freshness and dignity. Easy Select colour coding indicates absorbency level The absorbency level is colour coded and the size is clearly printed on the product and the pack for easy identification. Wetness indicator shows when it is time to change There is no need to open the product to find out whether it needs changing. The wetness indicator on the outside of the product turns from yellow to blue when it is time to change. Just one look at the wetness indicator will guide you. The TENA Slip Plus has been specially designed for users with greater care needs, extremely beneficial to the bed-ridden or those with over-active bladders. Suitable for those who suffer from moderate to heavy incontinence. This all in one has a wealth of features, featuring contoured, elasticated edges to ensure maximum security and comfort.

  • FeelDry technology for outstanding dryness
  • Bodyfitting curved leg elastics for improved fit, comfort and leakage security
  • Superfit re-adjustable tape
  • Wetness indicator to show when the product needs to be changed
  • Flexifit waist elastics for a snug, body-close fit;Waist Measurement 50-80cm / 20-32''