Washable Bed Pads Without Flaps 90cm x85cm

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Specified to offer a high soak capacity, they can absorb up to 3 litres of fluid, and when combined with the in-built top layer, will keep the sleeper dry to maximise patient comfort. Each bed pad has bound and stitched edges, which means that they are thicker and extra tough, offering great durability. Please note: Wash at 95åC before use and tumble dry on low heat below 77åC. Do not use softeners.

  • Highly absorbent; perfect solution for any bedtime incontinence problem
  • High capacity; up to 3 litres of fluid
  • Top layer keeps sleeper dry; maximising patient comfort
  • Bound and stitched edges; thicker and extra tough
  • Wash at 95ÂC before use and tumble dry on low heat below 77ÂC