Washable Double Bed Pad / Protector with Tucks

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Washable Bed Protector / Pad with Tucks - Pack of 1 This premium quality washable bed protector is warm, soft, comfortable and highly absorbent to keep the sleeper dry, reduce bedding changes and help prevent soreness and infection. The highly absorbent soaker layer is complimented by a long life top surface and a stay dry fluid proof barrier. The bed pads are quilted with highly absorbent fibres for faster dispersal of liquid to aid comfort and drying and have tuck in flaps as standard to help keep the pad securely in place. Product Specification: One Washable Bed Protector / Pad with Tucks Bed Protector Size: 85cms x 115cms ((33.5" x 45.5") Absorbent Capacity: 3500ml (3.5litres) Helps keep user dry Helps protect against soreness and infection

  • Bed Protector Size: 85 x 135cms (33½" x 53½")
  • Absorbent Capacity: 3500ml (3.5 litres)
  • Extra wide for double and king size beds
  • Helps protect against infection and soreness
  • Helps keep user dry and comfortable